Lochn Beoraid Database of British and Irish Hills
Transferring your records from the P30 Appendix to the DoBIH
Hills in the P30 Appendix v2.2 not marked DELETED have been renumbered sequentially in the DoBIH, starting with hill 8038. To transfer your ascent records, follow the procedure below. If you have not merged the P30 Appendix with the DoBIH v13.3, omit steps 2-4.

If you were using an earlier version of the P30 Appendix i.e. v2.0 or v2.1, you will need to upgrade to v2.2 first in order to use the procedure below. Download v2.2.

  1. Back up your old file
  2. Open the old and new files
  3. Copy and paste your ascent records for the DoBIH hills (1-8033 in Britain and 20001-21445 in Ireland) from the old to the new file.
  4. Delete all the rows in the old file containing DoBIH hills, i.e. those with hills 1-8033 and 20001-21445
The old file will now contain only the Appendix hills, i.e. number 100001 onwards.
  1. Select all the data in the old file (Ctrl+shift+8)
  2. Sort by Section i.e. column C (Data, Sort, select Section, Ascending, OK)
  3. Scroll down to row 10836 (last non-blank entry in column C)
  4. Delete all the following rows, after verifying that they have DELETED in column A.
  5. Select all the data again (Ctrl+shift+8)
  6. Sort by Number i.e. column A (Data, Sort, select Number, Ascending, Header row, OK)
You now have only the hills that appear in DoBIH v14, sorted by number.
  1. Scroll across to the column with your ascent records, usually Climbed
  2. Copy and paste the Climbed column (rows 2-10836) into cell U8039 of the new file. This corresponds to new hill number 8038.
  3. Check your ascent records have transferred correctly. Column AJ in the new file, Tumpnumber, contains the Appendix hill numbers. Compare a couple of entries near the top and bottom of the Climbed column against the same hills in the old file.
That's it, but please contact us if you have problems.

Access users should use the Import button on the Welcome screen in version 14.