Database of British and Irish Hills

Database of British and Irish hills: revision history

Latest release

v16.2   21/12/2018

Routine update with classification changes and many new hills. For sources see the Change Log on the Hill Bagging site.
Key data changes - Britain
19413 Foel Cedig (30E) replaces 2105 Cyriau Nod

3100 Easter Balloch (7B)
6226 Cam Sgriob (9A)
6595 Bad a' Chlamhain (12A)
6898 Egnaig Hill (18A)
7078 Muskna Field (22)
7667 Pentir-bach (32A)


4846 Cruach Mhic an t-Saoir (19B)
5117 Lightning Hill (28B)
7668 Mynydd Gelliwastad (32B)
7675 Garth Hill (32C)

Replacements as for Marilyns


5230 Mynydd Llanybyther (31C) has moved 140m NE


5787 Ben Vane Far North Top (1D)
2078 Foel Penolau (30D)
2522 Striding Edge [High Spying How] (34C)


2531 Green Side (34C)


19413 Foel Cedig (30E) replaces 2105 Cyriau Nod


1771 Dugland (27C) is reclassified from Donald Dewey to Graham Top


2343 Miller Moss (34A)


19413 Foel Cedig (30E) replaces 2105 Cyriau Nod

The following Bridge summits have been split out from nearby Nuttalls or deleted Nuttalls:

19456 Cefn Gwyntog Far North Top (30E)
19458 Pen y Brynfforchog North Top (30E)

2076 Gallt y Daren (30D) replaces 2077 Foel Boeth

Donald Deweys

1771 Dugland (27C) — over 2000ft

County Tops

5516 Heaton Park (36) is relocated to ground 450m NW of the Temple
5463 Boring Field (39) is relocated 250m SW to natural ground by the county boundary

There are 33 new Tumps including the new Simms, 9 deletions, 3 replacements and 5 relocations over 100m. Details, including credits for discoveries, are given in the Tumps change register.
New SIBs

18826 Fugla Stack (22)
12094 Muckle Hallitie (22)
19432 Da Stacks o da Logat (22)
19440 Andersey Island (39)
19439 Hoo Island (42)


19181 Havengore Island (39) has moved to the south coast, with an alternative location 1km N
19183 Wallasea Island (39) has moved 2.5km NW


19452 Iolyn Park (30B) replaces 7514 Iolyn Park (old GR)

New Subsimms

19453 Meall Doire South Top (5A)
19450 Geal-charn Beag (9B)
19442 Sgurr an Ursainn Far West Top (10D)
19411 Meall a' Charra (11A)
19447 Na Ciochan (13B)
19448 Na Ciochan East Top (13B)
19449 Na Ciochan Far East Top (13B)
19443 Meall a' Choire Ghlais (14A)
19444 Cadhachan Riabhach West Top (14A)
19454 The Bastion [Cioch na h-Oighe] (20C)
 2054 Arenig Fawr South Top (30D)

The deleted Simm also becomes a Subsimm

Deleted Subsimms

5746 Beinn an Fhogharaidh (1C)
5920 Beinn Pharlagain South Top (4B) — was Far South Top
1760 Moorbrock Hill North Top (27C)

New Subdodds

19455 Craig Llyn Llagi (30B)

19414 Brock Crags (34C) has been split out from 2582 Brock Crags (Wainwright)

Key data changes - Ireland
No significant changes

Previous releases

v16.1   03/08/2018

Routine update with a number of classification changes. We thank Alan Dawson for continuing to provide valuable survey data.
Key data changes - Britain

1117 Beinn Dearg (16A)

The status of 2634 Coniston Old Man as Marilyn and historic County Top of Lancashire is confirmed


3903 Beinn Bhreac (1A)
5317 Hoof Stones Height [Black Hameldon] (36)


19375 The Camp (38B) replaces 5367 Knoll Hill


5429 Hambledon Hill relocated 450m SE


5721 Creag na h-Iolaire (1C)
6381 Meall Coire na Gaoithe'n Ear (10B)
19199 Druim Fiaclach East Top (18A)


3176 Carn Dearg (9C)
2240 Fan y Big (32A)

3114 Wester Watery Knowe (7B) is reclassified from Corbett Top to Graham Top


5780 Stron Lochie (1C)
6136 Craigancash (7B)


3449 Banc Bugeilyn (31A) is relocated 140m S

There are 39 new Tumps including the new Simms, 14 deletions, 3 replacements and 12 relocations over 100m. Details, including credits for discoveries, are given in the Tumps change register.
New SIBs

18768 Ynys Ddu (31C)
19394 Spurn Island (37)
19230 Porthmoina Island (40)

Deleted Subhumps

7595 Pen y Graig-fawr (31A)
3534 Mynydd Caerau (32C)
7784 Meldon Hill (40)

New Subsimms

19407 Meall Reamhar North Top (1C)
458 Cac Carn Mor (7A)
6238 Sreang Glas a' Chuill (9B) – repromoted
19401 Sgaraman nam Fiadh (9B)
19404 Druim a' Ghoirtein West Top (10B)
874 Carn a' Mhadaidh-ruaidh [Sail Chaorainn] (11B)
19402 Creag Feusag West Top (12B)
19408 Mullach an Rathain East Top (13A)
19386 Beinn an Fhurain (16E)
19387 Conival North Top (16E)

Some Simms have been renamed to accommodate the new Subsimms

Deleted Subsimms

6077 Little Conachcraig (7A) – becomes a Subdodd
7886 Leac nan Gaidhseich (10A)
6549 Cnoc na Moine (12A) – becomes a Subdodd

New Subdodds

19364 Garn Fach (31B)

The two deleted Dodds and the deleted Subsimms noted above also become Subdodds

Deleted Subdodds

7502 Craig Stwlan (30B)

New Sub 490-499m hill

19403 Wether Lair (33)

Key data changes - Ireland
No significant changes

v16.0.1   21/01/2018

Fix to correct the MountainViews links for Irish hills. No other changes.

The Import Logs facility will not work for v16 in Access 2000. We are unable to correct this bug, but you can still copy and paste your logs from previous Access versions. Open the "Userlog" table in your previous version, select all four columns, right click to bring up the menu and Copy. Then open the same table in the new version, select the columns and Paste. These instructions have been added to The Access database in the Database Notes.

v16.0   23/12/2017

There are few significant changes to hill lists, but we have classified this as a major release due to the restructuring of the British 500m hills and the grammatical change in Scottish hill names. We are grateful to Alan Dawson for many survey results, and to Chris Pearson, Richard Mclellan and others for finding new Tumps.

The Dodds (hills in Scotland, Wales and England of height 500-599.9m with at least 30m of drop) have been added. The list was originally proposed in 2014 as a metric alternative to the British 500m lists and has been adopted by the Relative Hills Society. A new Subdodd category has been created for hills with 20-29m drop in the same height range. The Subdewey, Subdonald Dewey and Subhighland Five categories are withdrawn. The Database Notes have been updated to reference the new list and a Change Register created.

To provide continuity with the 0,1,2,3,4 codes we have reassigned the Classification codes as follows:

  new code old code
Dodd 5
Dewey Dew 5
Donald Dewey DDew 5D
Highland Five HF 5H
Myrddyn Dewey MDew 5M
Subdodd s5
Submyrddyn Dewey sMDew s5M

Three hills in the Scottish Lowlands with height above 2000ft (609.6m) and drop 15-19m have been added to the database, completing a list sometimes known as the Nuttall Donalds. They are hills 19340–19342 and have an 'O' code.

We have added a trailing space after a' in Scots Gaelic hill names such as A' Chioch. There is a clear trend towards inserting the grammatically correct space in hill publications, including the SMC's, which also aligns with OS maps. The Access version of the database will permit searches with or without a space, but it will be necessary to include the space in the Excel version.

We have made some changes to the ordering of the 1,0 columns in the Excel/csv versions alongside those required by the reorganisation of the 500m hills to improve the alignment with the dropdown search boxes in Access and Hill Bagging.

Key data changes - Britain
Marilyn (and Hump)
19345 Sron an Duin (24D) replaces 1632 Sotan

5812 Meallanan Odhar (2A)


1991 Bera Mawr (30B)

Highland Fives


5858 Creag an t-Searraich (2B)


6656 Meallan Mhic Iamhair (13B)
– also a deleted Dodd as it postdates their addition to Hill Bagging on 1 December

There are 22 new Tumps including the new Simm and Dodd and 6 sea stacks in the Channel Islands, 3 deletions, and one replacement (see under Marilyns). Another hill, 19337 Welbeck Colliery, was added and subsequently deleted. The latest Tumps change register covers the last two releases, i.e. changes since v15.4.
New Subhumps

3905 Meall Mor (1A)

New Subsimms

19362 Meall Mor Near West Top (1C)
19357 Beinn Donachain West Top (3C)
19358 Binnein Shuas North Top (4B)
19359 Beinn Clachach South Top (10A)
19332 Sgurr Breac Far East Top (10D)
19344 Na Rathanan Far East Top (13A)

Deleted Subsimms

5642 Creag Ruadh East Top (1A)
5791 An t-Sron (1D)
6066 Craigenloch Hill (7A)
6483 Creag an Fhir-eoin West Top (11B)
7125 Skythorn Hill (26A)
1987 Bera Bach (30B)

Key data changes - Ireland
No significant changes

v15.5   20/06/2017

Routine update with many new Tumps. Dave Marshall has joined the editorial team.

We thank Aled Williams and Rob Woodall for LIDAR analyses and Alan Dawson for some survey results.

Key data changes - Britain
2702 Lowscales Hill (34D) relocated to an outcrop in the central of the three 185m contours shown on Geograph mapping on the the west side of the fence

4252 An Torr (9B)
6119 Craigangower (7B)
1257 Bla Bheinn SW Top (17B)


2011 Carnedd y Ddelw (30B)

County Tops

19303 Swanfield Street replaces 5595 Bethnal Green and 5596 Whitechapel as Tower Hamlets London Borough Top
19313 Beckton Alps replaces 5591 Wanstead Flats as Newham London Borough top


5473 Wattisham Airfield, the historic County Top of East Suffolk, has been relocated to a point within the northern 90m contour

There are 30 new Tumps, 8 deletions, 2 replacements and some relocations. The changes are included in the Tumps change register for v16.
New Subhump

19330 Mynydd y Drum (32B)

New Subsimms

19331 Sgurr Breac East Top (10D)
19317 Sgurr Cadha na Beucaich (16B)

The three deleted Simms also become Subsimms.

New Subdewey

19304 Cwar yr Ystrad (32A)

Deleted Subdewey

3687 Glan Fedwen (31C)

Deleted Subhighland Five

6183 Creag Bhalg NW Top (8B)

Key data changes - Ireland
No changes

v15.4.2   26/02/2017

Corrected coordinates for 19275 Butcherfield.

v15.4.1   15/02/2017

Fixes two bugs in the Access version, one causing hills on Irish islands being duplicated in searches, the other affecting the Export Logs option when you choose the file location.

v15.4   09/02/2017

Routine update with three significant Marilyn relocations, a few promotions, and a raft of new Tumps.
Key data changes - Britain
19242 Muncaster Fell (34D) replaces 2694 Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag
19290 Hensbarrow Downs (40) replaces 2884 Hensbarrow Beacon
400 An Dun (5B) replaces 399 An Dun

4208 Cnoc an Tiumpain (9B)
19254 Penhale Hill (40)

The three Marilyn relocations also apply to the Humps.


5982 Carn Dearg (6A)
6169 Little Garvoun (8B)


2228 Craig Gwaun Taf [Duwynt] (32A)
2930 Tinside Rigg (35A)
2762 Long Fell (35A)


2739 Bram Rigg Top (35A)

2627 High Rigg (34C) has been added to the Synges. It was omitted from the book in error. The status of 3859 High Rigg is unchanged but the Synge name becomes High Rigg South Top.
For details see the latest Tumps change register
New Submarilyn

5337 Overmoor (36)

New Subsimm

19289 Carn Dearg Beag (6A)

Deleted Subsimm

6182 The Maim (8B)

New Subdewey

19247 Tarn Crag (34B)

Key data changes - Ireland
20868 Cloonagh [Carroward] (45E) becomes a Binnion. It was already a Hump.

v15.3   07/09/2016

Routine update with some classification changes.
Key data changes - Britain
1177 Creag a'Ghobhair (16D) is relocated from the west to the east top

19219 Creag Bheithe Mhor (9A) becomes a twin of 4627 Creag Liath


4299 Meall a'Phubuill East Top (10A)
4339 Meall a'Gheur-fheadain (12A)
3301 A'Chioch (17E)


5621 Cairn Fell (27B) replaces 1738 Inshanks Fell, which ceases to be a twin
19212 Currock Hill (35A) replaces 5306 Currock Hill East Top

Corbetts and Grahams
1423 Cnoc Coinnich (19C) is promoted from Graham to Corbett
The SMC has confirmed hill 1693 is the summit of Meikle Millyea. The database already gave the southern top as the Donald so there is no significant change.

5874 Sgorr Dhonuill Far West Top (3B)
6154 Carn Ban Mor West Top (8A)
6962 Cruach Fhiarach (19C)


4100 Meall Uaine (6B) is relocated 270m NE to the 627m spot


4090 Meall na h-Eilrig (6B)

Nuttalls and Hewitts

2797 Calf Top (35B)


2797 Calf Top (35B) – promoted to Hewitt


19202 Esgair Greolen (31A) replaces 3463 Bryn Yr Wyn

For details see the latest Tumps change register
New SIBs

18659 Gewni (31C)
19221 Alney Island (39)
17901 Men-a-vaur (40)
19220 Horsey Island (40)
19222 Horsea Island (42)


1345 Meall an Tarmachain (18A) is deleted
5621 Cairn Fell (27B) replaces 1738 Inshanks Fell (see also under Humps)

New Subsimms

19226 Meall Aiteachain (1A)
19225 Maol an Fhithich West Top (1C)
19241 Creag na h-Iolaire (5A)
19224 Fuar-tholl Mor (12A)

New Subhighland Five

19240 Glas-charn SE Top (10D)

Key data changes - Ireland
The Arderin summit of Pigeon Rock Mountain (43B) has been assigned to new hill 21450 and named Pigeon Rock North to distinguish it from the Hump and Myrddyn Dewey, hill 20677 (renamed Pigeon Rock South) and to recognise hill 21450 as a new Submyrddyn Dewey. Current maps mostly give the same height to both summits but the old 6" map makes the south top 6ft higher.

21449 Binn Mhor NE Top (47C)


21355 Cnoc Ramhar [Crockrawer] (45C)

21450 Pigeon Rock North (43B) is a new Submyrddyn Dewey

A number of hill names have been updated to align with changes in MountainViews.

v15.2.2 (Access only)   17/07/2016

Corrected bug in Export Logs affecting multiple users

v15.2.1 (Access only)   10/05/2016

Corrected bug in search on Marilyn regions

v15.2   01/05/2016

Routine update with a handful of significant changes, the majority arising from surveys by Alan Dawson.
Key data changes - Britain

652 Meall an Tarsaid (9B) has moved to hill 651, the southern summit. This is the third time the summit has switched between the two locations, but the survey result is definitive.

5091 Temple Hill [Biggar Common] (28A) relocated 150m north

6999 Meall Donn (20C)


4544 Casteal na h-Iolaire (20C) relocated 120m to the eastern summit

2071 Carnedd Llechwedd-llyfn [Llechwedd-llyfn] (30D) relocated 200m south
3459 Banc Bwlchygarreg West Top [Moel y Llyn East Top] (31A) relocated 190m to the SE top
Highland Fives

5957 Carn Dearg (5A)


19190 Cleabarrow Hill (Tump) split off from 3333 nameless (School Knott) (Wainwright Outlying Fell)

19191 Saskills (Tump) split off from 2691 Newton Fell North (Wainwright Outlying Fell)

In addition to the two splits, there are 15 promotions, 1 deletion and a number of relocations. The latest Tumps change register gives details.

19180 Grodhaigh (24B)
19181 Havengore Island (39)
19182 New England Island (39)
19183 Wallasea Island (39)


19053 St Catherine's Island (31C)

New Subsimms

19199 Druim Fiaclach East Top (18A)

Design changes
SMC and Marilyn parents now have both their hill name and hill number shown in Access and Excel/csv, thus aligning with Hill Bagging. In Excel/csv, the Parent (Ma) column gives the hill number for the parents themselves as well as their children (if any), with '0' for non-Marilyns without parents, so that a sort on this column will return the parent and all its children. This has not changed from the previous version. The other three columns are only populated for children of parents.
A new document Accuracy of heights from OS maps has been issued for the benefit of users with a "scientific" interest in hill data. Our recent document Using an Abney Level to Measure Relative Heights is relevant to anyone owning an Abney Level or thinking of purchasing one to add survey data to their GPS contributions.

v15.1   24/12/2015

Routine update with only a few significant hill changes but many new surveyed heights from Alan Dawson and more from Myrddyn Phillips and G&J Surveys. Rationalisation of the Parent field.
Design changes
The Parent (Ma/M) field has been replaced by two new fields giving the SMC parent and Marilyn parent. Parent (SMC) gives the Munro parent of Munro Tops and the Donald parent of Donald Tops. The Munro parent is not given for Corbett and Graham Tops following the removal of the CTM and GTM categories in the previous release. Parent (Ma) gives the hill number of the Marilyn parent. In the Excel version, Parent (Ma) also gives the hill's own number for hills that are parents and replaces the Parent Sort column given in previous releases. Further details are in the Database Notes.

A new Donalds Change Register was recently added to the site.

Key data changes - Britain

7661 Banc y Celyn (32A)


6006 Carn Bhac South Top (6B)


193 Stob Coire nam Beith (3B)
3090 Crow Craigies South Top (7A)


1754 Scaw'd Law (27C) relocated to the north top

There have been 10 additions, 4 deletions, 1 replacement and 6 relocations. The latest Tumps change register gives details.
County Tops
5461 Pilot Hill (42) relocated 110m NW
19167 Sinah Common (Hayling Island) replaces 19110 Gable Head
The following are in addition to the changes resulting from the promotions and deletions above.

New Subhumps

5225 Old Radnor Hill (31B) – reinstated
15443 Bryn Mawr (30E)

New Subsimms

19174 Creag Stalcair East Top (5B)
19175 Meall na Caillich Buidhe (6B)

Map 1:25k field
OS has renumbered some of the Explorers (101-470) into the Outdoor Leisure range (OL 1-63). So far as we can tell, the area coverage has not changed. As many users will have the old maps we give both the new OL numbers, prefaced by OL, and the old Explorer numbers. Note that OS has reused some OL numbers that in the past mapped completely different areas. For example OL10 was originally Yorkshire Dales (South), subsequently replaced by OL2 Yorkshire Dales (South) and covering a larger area; the new OL10 is Arundel & Pulborough.

We are grateful to Toby Thurston for alerting us to the changes and for supplying revised polygons for the map sheets.

Key data changes - Ireland
20757 Knocknaveacal North Top has been deleted from the Myrddyn Deweys. It was deleted from the Arderins in the previous release.

v15   21/09/2015

Major release with some new fields and a simplification of the classification scheme for hills belonging to the Sims and their subs that may affect third party applications. A large number of hill reclassifications, the majority arising from surveys by Alan Dawson, and the usual raft of changes to the Tumps. Myrddyn Phillips has also contributed many survey results.
Design changes
The CTM, CTC, GTM, GTC, GTG and GTH subcategories have been dropped. They have been replaced in the classification field by CT and GT, which already existed as searchable categories in Access, Excel and Hill Bagging. A new Subsim category has been created for hills above 600m with drop 20-29m and the sMur, sCT, sGT and sHew classes have been dropped. The position of Sim has been elevated and Murdo/CT/GT lowered in the Classification field, dropdown lists and tables. This has entailed a reordering of the 1,0 columns in Excel. The changes follow an extensive discussion on the rhb group in January initiated by Alan Dawson, who wishes to phase out the Corbett Tops and Graham Tops, and reflects the consensus reached in that discussion.

A new field for Island has been added. For details see the Database Notes. In Access, it is searchable by selecting Island from the Area/Region dropdown box. The option previously called Island has been renamed SIB Area. In the search results screen giving detailed hill data, the Island name appears in the first row of the Areas/Regions table and the SIB area in the second row. These are followed by the RHB section and the Topo Section (see below).

A new County field, giving the Current County or Unitary Authority (CoU) membership of all hills in the database, has been added to the Excel/csv versions. This information was previously available only in Hill Bagging and (as a search option) in Access. The Excel/csv column giving the relevant county or counties for County Tops has been retitled County Top.

A new field for Topo Section has been added. These are geographical areas defined by Mark Jackson for the Humps and Tumps, previously available in Hill Bagging. In Access, the Topo Section is a searchable option in the Area/Region dropdown box.

Some area names in England, Wales and Scotland that do not feature in the Nuttalls, Wainwrights, Dewey or Donald guides or SIB Maritime Regions have been removed from the Area field.

The Tumpnumber and Tumponly columns in the Excel version have been removed. They were introduced to faciliate migration of users' records from the P30 Appendix to the DoBIH v14, but we expect all users of the Appendix have now migrated.

Key data changes - Britain
For Marilyns, Humps, Grahams, Sims, Deweys and Nuttalls, the appropriate Change Register will give a link to the original announcement, if there was one.

979 Sithean Mor (13A)
1691 Kirriereoch Hill (27B)


1428 Stob na Boine Druim-fhinn (19C)
2901 Swyre Head (41)


1419 Beinn an Lochain (19C) relocated 100m to the SW cairn
2810 Black Hill (36) relocated 140m SW of the trig pillar


6151 Deuchar Hill (7B)


4008 Meall a'Chall (2B)


1389 Beinn Dearg (19C) relocated 110m N of the trig point


6054 Carn Ait (7A)
1016 Glas Mheall Liath (14A)


6360 Sgurr Mor Far West Top (10A)
4535 Beinn Lochain East Top (19C)
2143 Gau Graig (30F)


3994 Creag an Loch (2A) relocated 300m to 40m SSW of 735m spot
3041 Elrig 'ic an Toisich (6A) relocated 130m NW of the 885m spot
3066 Bac na Creige (6A) relocated to 200m SSW of 770m spot (330m SSW of 769m spot)
1419 Beinn an Lochain (19C) relocated 100m to the SW cairn

Munro Tops

394 Carn na Caim South Top (5B) – SMC name Mullach Coire nan Cisteachan


167 Creag na Caillich (2B)

596 Creag an Dail Bheag (8B) replaces 595 Carn Liath. This now aligns with the Marilyn.

1428 Stob na Boine Druim-fhinn (19C)


2023 Moelwyn Mawr North Ridge Top (30B)

2810 Black Hill (36) relocated 140m SW of the trig pillar
Highland Fives

5835 Sron Mhor (2A)
5865 Creag Liaragan Far West Top (2B)


5662 Sron nan Searrach (1A)

There have been 21 promotions, 7 deletions and many relocations. The latest Tumps change register covers the last two releases, i.e. changes since v14.2.

19124 Godrevy Island (40)
19121 St Mary's Island (42)

The following are in addition to changes arising from the promotions and deletions noted above.

New Subhumps

2973 Creag a'Chaorainn [Meall Phubuill] (2A)
4104 Black Hill (7A)
3258 Meall Garbh (14A)

Deleted Subhumps

6626 An Groban (13A)

New Subsims

19113 Meall na Cloiche North Top (1A)
19114 Meall Reamhar (1A)
19160 Beinn Eagagach West Top (2A)
19166 Sron Sitheag (2A)
7872 Creag nan Gabhar (5A) – reinstated
19126 Carn an Fhidhleir Lorgaidh West Top (6A)
19161 Feith a'Mhadaidh (6A)
19115 Creag Dhearg (6B)
19159 Druim Fada West Top (10A)
19164 Sgurr an Ursainn Far West Top (10D)

Deleted Subsims

7838 Meall Luaidhe (2B)
5954 Meall Garbh (5A) – still a s5H
6000 Meall a'Mhuirich (6B)
7827 Bidein a'Ghlas Thuill Far East Top (14A)

New Subhighland Five

19118 Plucach (5A)

New Subdewey and Subdonald Dewey

19138 Knox Knowe (33, 28B)

Other new hills
26 other hills have been added to the database, comprising 14 Yeamans, 6 Clems and 6 hills that would have qualified as Subdonald Deweys in a private list of David Purchase's that circulated for several years before the category was adopted by the DoBIH. The 20 Yeamans and Clems have an "O" code in the Classification field and the other 6 hills an "Un" code. All the Yeamans and Clems are now present in the DoBIH although these 'historic' lists are not currently supported. We thank Bernie Hughes for providing details of the hills. A further two hills became Tumps and another (noted above) became a Subdewey and Subdonald Dewey after reviewing their data.
Key data changes - Ireland

20695 Coomcathcun South Top [Slievenashaska] (50B)
20155 Mount Leinster East Top (54B)


21446 Brandon Far North Top (49A)
21447 Knockaunapeebra (54A)
21448 Camaderry SE Top (55A)

The Northern Ireland Current County/UA Tops have been realigned to reflect the reduction from 26 to 11 local government districts in April 2015.

There have been a number of changes to hill names, initiated by MountainViews.

Note that MountainViews has now added the Arderin Begs (H500-599, P15-29) and some hills with lower prominence to its site. All the Submyrddyn Deweys (H500-609, P20-29) are present in MountainViews except 21186 Conigar South Top.

v14.3   30/04/2015

Routine update with the usual raft of changes to the Tumps arising from the data review, now complete. New island list.

We are grateful to Alan Dawson, Myrddyn Phillips and MountainViews for survey data, and to Alan Dawson for further hill name changes.

New lists
The SIBs (Significant Islands of Britain) have been added. These comprise the Main SIB category as defined in Alan Holmes's publication, currently 556 hills of which 62 are new to the database.
Key data changes - Britain
228 Na Maoilean (3B) relocated from NM971369 to NM975372
394 Carn na Caim South Top (5B) reclassified from Corbett Top to Murdo

3924 Meall nam Fiadh (1A) relocated 200m west of the 619m spot
3925 Meall nam Fiadh Far East Top (1A) relocated 160m west of the 619m spot

There are 55 new Tumps, 2 replacements, 11 deletions and some relocations. A separate Tumps change register was not issued for this release.
County Tops
19037 South Field (37) replaces 5508 East Mount and 5509 Bransholme as Kingston upon Hull UA top
New Submarilyn

3861 Great How (Thirlmere) (34B)

Deleted Submarilyn

451 Creag nam Brataichean (6B)

New Subhumps

10950 Dun Chonallaich (19A)
13020 Dumgoyach (26A)
13611 Fell of Carleton (27B)
16995 Jubilee Hill [Pinnacle Hill] (38B)

New P20s

19008 Botich (1A) – new s5H

Deleted P20s

5678 Creag Odhar South Top (1A) – deleted s5H
2304 Dun Mor South Top (1A) – deleted s4

Key data changes - Ireland
20835 Knockannavea is a new Hump

21163 Inishark Island is deleted from the Humps

County Tops
21006 Seltannasaggart (SE slope), Roscommon county top (45D) relocated to the Roscommon boundary

21252 Meakstown, Dublin City top (56A) relocated 400m east

Design changes
The xG classification has been added for deleted Grahams.

The Area field has undergone some changes. For islands, the island name is used if there are 5 or more Tumps on the island landmass. For islands with 4 Tumps or fewer, the area name is now taken from the maritime Region set out in The Significant Islands of Britain (SIBs) by Alan Holmes. Some SIB Regions have been manipulated to comply with this rule, e.g. "Skye and surrounding islands" is split into "Skye" and "Skye surrounds". We have removed some area names in England and Wales of doubtful value or which have not been used consistently.

v14.2   23/12/2014

Routine update with changes and new data arising from the ongoing Tumps review and surveys by Alan Dawson, Myrddyn Phillips and G & J Surveys. Background on most reclassifications and major relocations is given via links in the appropriate Change Register in the Database Notes. We thank Alan Dawson for reviewing hill names of Sims and Subsims and suggesting other data changes.
Key data changes - Britain

313 Stob Coire a'Chairn (4A) becomes a Twin Marilyn of 312 An Gearanach


3937 Creag na h-Eararuidh [Stuc na Cabaig] (1B) replaces 21 Beinn Dearg
688 The Saddle (10A) replaces 686 The Saddle [Trig Point]


3455 Foel Grafiau (31A) – deleted twin


3937 Creag na h-Eararuidh [Stuc na Cabaig] (1B) replaces 21 Beinn Dearg
18984 Waterhead (27B) replaces 5026 Waterhead (old GR)
3456 Pen y Darren [Moel Hyddgen] (31A) replaces 3454 Foel Fras, which ceases to be a twin


5185 Pen y Berth (30E) SJ080127 → SJ081127


1283 Ben Aslak (17C)
1497 Ladylea Hill (21A)


3937 Creag na h-Eararuidh [Stuc na Cabaig] (1B) replaces 21 Beinn Dearg


155 Beinn nan Eachan East Top (2B) – new Sim/Murdo


2984 Meall Eoghainn (2B) – deleted Sim/Corbett Top


3939 Sron na Maoile (1B) NN690175 → NN690177


167 Creag na Caillich (2B) Murdo → Corbett Top

Many Sims and Subsims have had their hill names changed.

3517 Bryn (32A) relocated SO072227 → SO071226
Highland Fives
6325 Torr Mor (9B) is promoted

The two deleted Grahams also become Highland Fives

County Tops

21251 Gracedieu Hill (54A) dropped from Irish CoU list following amalgamation of Waterford City and Waterford County in June 2014


5567 Mote End Farm, formerly a twin, replaces 5566 Arkley as London Borough Top of Barnet


5459 Hampstead Heath (CoH,CoL) TQ264867 → TQ263864
5596 Whitechapel (CoL=) TQ341814 → TQ342813

Mow Cop split into 2826 Mow Cop (trig point, Submarilyn) and 18980 Old Man of Mow (Hump and Tump)
There have again been many changes to the Tumps. See the Tumps change register for details.

The Tumps have been extended to the Channel Islands. There are 12 Tumps, of which 4 were already in the database as Humps or Subhumps.

New Subhumps

3983 Beinn Bhreac (1D)
243 Drochaid Ghlas (3C)
8894 Creag an Duilisg (12A) (was Stob Lochan Dubha)
14436 Moel Garegog (30C)

Deleted Subhumps

5225 Old Radnor Hill (31B)

Replaced Subhumps

9463 Ben Alisky (16C) replaces 6800 Beinn Glas-choire

New Subsims

696 The Saddle West Top (10A) – new subMurdo
18986 Maol Chinn-dearg East Top (10A) – new Subcorbett Top

plus one gained from the Sim deletion above

Deleted Subsims (sMur, sCT, sGT, sHew)

5709 Sgiath a'Chaise North Top (1B)
6238 Sreang Glas a'Chuill (9B)
6455 Sgurr Ruarach (11A)

plus one lost from the Sim promotion above

New Subdeweys

18971 Creigiau Bwlch Hyddgen (31A)

Key data changes - Ireland
20656 Carrickatee (56A) has been relocated to Bunnanimma at H718146.
Design changes
The Sim code now appears in the Classification field. The status of the component lists (Mur, CT, CTC etc.) is under review.

v14.1.1 (Access only)   07/09/2014

Fixed bug causing some searches by map no. not to function.

v14.1   25/08/2014

Routine update with a large number of reclassifications, mostly arising from surveys by Alan Dawson and the ongoing Tumps review. Background on some of the changes is given via the links in the appropriate Change Register.
Key data changes - Britain

1182 Creag an Amalaidh (16D)


1734 Troweir Hill (27B)
3319 Meall nan Damh (12A) – deleted twin
3660 Sidhean a'Choin Bhain (15B) – deleted twin
1161 Cnoc Coir a'Phuill (16C) – deleted twin
5636 Saugh Hill (27B) – deleted twin


891 Creag Toll a'Choin (12A) replaces 890 Maoile Lunndaidh


1687 Brown Carrick Hill (27A) NS285160 → NS283159


3957 Stob Creag an Fhithich (1C)
4923 Fora Ness (22)
3319 Meall nan Damh (12A) – deleted twin
3660 Sidhean a'Choin Bhain (15B) – deleted twin
1161 Cnoc Coir a'Phuill (16C) – deleted twin


5623 Rhos Fawr (31A), formerly a twin, replaces 5204 Coed Mawr


4712 Beinn Chroisg (15A) NC202009 → NC199008

3319 Meall nan Damh (12A) – deleted twin
3660 Sidhean a'Choin Bhain (15B) – deleted twin

5729 Stob Glas (1C) – new Graham Top
5843 Cam-Chreag (2B) – new Corbett Top
3664 Aonach Eagach East Pinnacle (3A) – new Corbett Top
4325 Suie Dhu (11A) – new Graham Top
6855 Caisteal a'Garbh-Choire (17B) – new Corbett Top


2989 Stob Dubh (3A) – deleted Corbett Top
246 Stob a'Ghlais Choire (3C) – deleted Murdo
4029 Creag Dhubh (3C) – deleted Graham Top
630 Meall a'Bhothain (9B) – deleted Corbett Top
947 Meallan Odhar Doire nan Gillean (12B) – below 600m
3660 Sidhean a'Choin Bhain (15B) – deleted Graham Top
4466 Carn an Tionail (16B) – deleted Graham Top


5985 An Sgarsoch Far East Top (was point 754m) (6A) replaces 4060 An Sgarsoch East Top – Graham Top
891 Creag Toll a'Choin (12A) replaces 890 Maoile Lunndaidh – Murdo


627 Carn Ballach (SW Top) (9B) NH643045 → NH643044 – Murdo  N top is the Munro Top

Bushey Heath split into 18905 (Tump summit, Middlesex county top) and 5467 (Harrow London Borough top)
There have been numerous changes to the Tumps. For details see the latest update to the Tumps change register.
New Submarilyns

4728 Sgor Fhionnaich (16B)

New Subhumps

These are in addition to the subs created by the demotion of 3957 Stob Creag an Fhithich (1C) and 4923 Fora Ness (22) above.

9701 Cnoc Breac (16F)
18920 Ord More (21B)
13010 Gillies Hill (26A)
14962 Llandegley Rocks (31B)
5204 Coed Mawr (31A) – formerly a Hump, twinned with 5623
16711 Black Law (36), renamed Height House Hill

Deleted Subhumps

4389 Meall nan Ceapairean (13B)

New Subsims

These are in addition to the five resulting from the Sim deletions above.

18910 Stob Garbh Bhealach (1C) – new Subgraham Top
18914 Meall an Daimh (1D) – new Subgraham Top
18937 Carn nam Feuaich West Top (11B) – new Subgraham Top
6534 Carn nan Gearran Bana (12A) – reinstated Subcorbett Top
18892 A'Chir North Top (20C) – new Subgraham Top

New sub500s

18912 Meall Ruigh nam Biorag East Top (4B) – new s5H

Key data changes - Ireland
No significant changes but we confirm that 21207 Ott Mountain (43B) remains a Submyrddyn Dewey.
Design changes
For Irish hills the Geograph field now links to the appropriate MountainViews page unless the hill does not feature on the site.

A Change Register for the Grahams has been added to the Database Notes.

v14   22/04/2014

Major upgrade with integration of the P30 Appendix and design changes. All Tumps are now included in the database. The Fellrangers list has been added.

We have commenced a review of the 10835 hills previously in the P30 Appendix. 4000 hills have been reviewed at the time of release. We are grateful to Alan Dawson and Martin Hampar for their contributions to the review.

Key data changes - Britain

344 Cruim Leacainn (4A)
1307 Cruachan Dearg (17E) – deleted Twin Marilyn


2773 Hoove (35A) has moved to a point 300m SW of the 554m spot height on the 1:50k map, 500m SW of the trig pillar.


7513 Foel (30A)


5103 Fans Hill (28A)


8080 Milquhanzie Hill (1A, formerly in the P30 Appendix) replaces 4578 Hill of Stroness.


503 Corwharn (7A)

See also 1307 Cruachan Dearg (17E) above.

County Tops
2793 Gragareth replaces 2792 Green Hill as Lancashire county top, following a survey which reversed their height order. The location has moved to a point 100m east of the trig.

Burnhope Seat split into hills 2714 (summit) and 8036 (historic county top of Durham)

Withins Height [Round Hill] split into hills 8035 (summit) and 5488 (county top)

Langhowe Pike split into hills 2621 (Wainwright Outlying Fell) and 8037 (Synge)

Hills 8035-8037 are new hills.

16 new Tumps, hills 18745 and 18873-18887. 91 deletions, of which 89 are former P30 Appendix hills.

Tumps change register P30 Appendix v2.2 → v14

New Subhumps

17102 Newbarns Hill (38B)
15703 Buckland Hill (32A)
 9484 Fionn Bheinn Mhor (16E)
16582 Lantern Pike (36)
 9878 Warth Hill (16C)

Deleted Subhumps

7340 Bransly Hill (28A)

New P20s

8032 Llechwedd Mawr (30D) – new sub 490-499m hill
8033 Foel Frech (30D) – new sub 490-499m hill
8034 Pen Llyn Coch-hwyad (31A) – new sub 490-499m hill

New lists
The Fellrangers (a new Lake District list for which the LDWA has created a Hillwalkers Register) have been added. All the hills were already in the DoBIH with the exception of 8028 Wallowbarrow Crag which was in the P30 Appendix.
Hill names
About 85 Hebridean hill names have been changed from English [Gaelic] to Gaelic [English]. The Gaelic names have been shown on OS Landranger maps for many years. A few other Scottish hills have seen name changes, partly in response to the tables on the SMC website.
Key data changes - Ireland

20665 Corronoher (48B) is a new Marilyn

21207 Ott Mountain (43B) is a new Arderin

The Binnions have been redefined as hills below 400m in height with a drop of at least 100m (previously it was 150m). There is one difference from the subset of Humps below 400m; see discrepancies. We prefer Knockroe to Ballydorgan as is 8ft higher on older maps.

Design changes
New fields
Parent (Ma/M), Parent Number, Parent Sort

The parent prefacing the hill name in Munro, Corbett and Graham Tops (and their subs and deletions) has been transferred to a separate field. Thus the Munro Top previously named Cairn Gorm - Carn Lochan now has Carn Lochan in the Name Field and Cairn Gorm in the new Parent (Ma/M) field. We have extended the use of this field to identify lower children of the same parents, and children of lower Marilyns. The parent's hill number is shown in the adjacent field. For more information see the Database Notes.

A facility to search on either the parent name or number has been added to the Access database and to Hill Bagging. The search results will include the parent. In Excel a related facility is provided by a Parent Sort field (to the right of _Section) in which parents have their own hill number copied to this field. See the Database Notes for more information on this field and on a Query in the Access version that performs the same function.

The following fields are present in the Excel and csv versions and in the Hills table of the Access version.


For hills transferred from the P30 Appendix, the previous hill number in the 100000 series. The presence of a Tumpnumber does not mean the hill is necessarily a Tump, as some have been demoted to Unclassified. This field will become obsolete when all users of the P30 Appendix have moved to the new environment.

Tumpnumber 110803 Eilean Mor was found to duplicate hill 101875 in the P30 Appendix and had been deleted from Hill Bagging (it had no logs). In order to simplify the transfer of users' records from the P30 Appendix to the DoBIH, we have reused this Tumpnumber for the most recently added new Tump, hill 18745. It is highly unlikely that anyone will have logged Appendix hill 110803, but if you have, transfer your record to hill 9906.


An identifier taking the value of 1 for hills formerly in the P30 Appendix which have not acquired any other classification (e.g. sHu, Fel) in the meantime. Used for the "Exclude minor Tumps" filter in Access and "Include all Tumps" filter in Hill Bagging.


For Irish hills, the MountainViews hill number, as given in the hill page's URL on the MountainViews website which takes the form where xxxx is MVNumber.

Tump totals
The Access version now includes All Tumps in the User Totals query. The Excel and csv versions have a Tu column to the left of the Sim column. Hill Bagging offers "Tump (all)" in the League Tables.
Excel/csv versions
We no longer provide separate GB and Ireland extracts. As the hills in the P30 Appendix are now part of the GB number sequence, there is little to be gained from issuing a GB only file, which would reduce the file size by only 7%. There were never many downloads of the Ireland only file. Users who do not require the Irish hills can delete the rows with hill 20001 onwards.
Transferring your records from the P30 Appendix
Access users should use the import facility accessible from the Welcome screen. Excel and csv users please follow these instructions.

v13.3   24/12/2013

Update of British lists and addition of the Synges. No significant changes in Ireland.

We are grateful to Alan Dawson and Dave Marshall for their contributions to data revision, and to Alan Dawson and MountainViews for survey data.

Key data changes

Background on some of the changes is given via the links in the appropriate Change Register.


1799 Killyleoch Hill (27C)


142 An Stuc (2B) is no longer a twin Marilyn, having been surveyed as a full 6 metres lower than 143 Meall Garbh.


596 Creag an Dail Bheag (8B) replaces 595 Carn Liath. Carn Liath remains the Corbett.


1885 Bodesbeck Law (28B)
7342 Knowes Hill (28A)
8031 Great Haldon (40), formerly hill 109610 in the P30 Appendix, is a new twin of 5406 Colleywell Hill


5323 Middle Knoll (36)


4959 Ceann Reamhar na Sroine NG093930 → NG093932

Munro Tops

1261 Knight's Peak (17B)


5738 Meall an Lochain (1C) – new Graham Top


4366 Sgorr na Diollaid Far West Top [Sgorr na Diollaid point 713m] (12B) – deleted Graham Top
4508 Sgurr Dhomhuill Beag (18A) – deleted Graham Top
3930 Leacann Amarach (1B) – deleted Graham Top
3961 Meall Sgallachd (1C) – deleted Graham Top
5655 Creag Liath (1A) – deleted 600-609.6m Sim

See also the replacement Highland Five below. The previous version incorrectly assigned the Sim summit to hill 6865 rather than 6866.


1261 Knight's Peak (17B) reclassified from Murdo to Corbett Top

Highland Fives

5838 Weem Hill (2A)


6866 Cruachan Beag (17E) replaces 6865 Maol Buidhe

County Tops

5554 Tair Onnen (32C) replaces 7821 Lillypot as Vale of Glamorgan County Top. Lillypot replaced Tair Onnen on 22 Dec 2011 after a study of old maps but the summit location has reverted following a definitive survey.

Deleted Submarilyns

2212 Mynydd Pencarreg

New Subhumps

3932 Ben Our (1B)
8030 Monadh Meadale (17A) – was 102154
7898 Rusland Heights (34D) – was 108195

New P20s

1260 Bhasteir Tooth (17B) – new sMur
7895 The Cairnwell North Top (6B) – new sCT
7896 Sgurr Airigh na Bheinne East Top (10B) – new sGT
7897 Meall Dun Dhomhnuill (1A) – new sGT

Deleted P20s

6479 An Elric (11B) – deleted sCT
7872 Creag nan Gabhar (5A) – deleted sGT
6886 An t-Slat-bheinn East Top (18A) – deleted sCT
6374 Sgurr Sgiath Airigh (10B) – deleted sCT
5919 Meall an t-Slugain (4B) – deleted sCT
5852 Creag na Caillich West Top [Meall nan Tarmachan point 796m] (2B) – deleted sCT

New lists
The Synges have been added. This has resulted in 131 hills being added to the database, of which 13 were transferred from the P30 Appendix. The classification code Sy is not shown in the Classification field but appears in the search dialogs and as columns in the Excel and csv formats.
P30 Appendix
Tumps change register v2.1 → v2.2

v13.2   18/08/2013

Routine update of British lists. No significant changes in Ireland.
Key data changes

1944 Lamberton Hill [Ayton Hill] (28A)
1960 Mynydd Anelog (30A)


2225 Middleton Hill (31C) is no longer a twin of 2224 Brandy Hill. The summit of both hills is a trig pillar but Middleton Hill has a lower flush bracket height in the OS database.


652 Meall an Tarsaid (9B) replaces 651 Meall an Tarsaid (old GR). The summit has reverted to its original 1992 position.
686 The Saddle [The Saddle - Trig Point] (10A) replaces 688 The Saddle. Hill 688 remains the Munro.


7892 Big Hill (39) – new twin Hump and twin County Top of Northamptonshire


4772 Great Stac of Handa (16E)



5645 Sron Mhor (1A) – new Graham Top
6233 Carn na Criche (9B) – new Corbett Top
6375 Sgurr a'Choire-bheithe East Top (10B) – new Corbett Top


4325 Suie Dhu (11A) – deleted Graham Top

Wainwright Outlying Fells

2593 Capplebarrow – relocated to NY508035
This is Wainwright's summit and on old maps is spotted 1m higher than the ground by the fence, which remains the Birkett summit

2605 Long Crag – Wainwright summit (in Observations) relocated to NY515054


New Subhumps

7890 Maughold Head (29) – was 102154
7893 Coed y Cefn [Ochr-cefn] (31C)
7898 Rusland Heights (34D) – was 108195

Replacement Subhump

7891 Comins Pen-y-banc (31C) replaces 7648 Comins Pen-y-banc (old GR)

New P20s

477 Little Glas Maol (7A) – new sMur
7894 Carn Coire Dhealanaich East Top (9B) – new sGT

Design changes

The classification code '4' now applies to 400-499m hills in Britain, as in Ireland. The majority of hills of height <490m are still to be found in the P30 Appendix. Codes '3' '2' '1' and '0' have been added for hills in the other height ranges. This will make it easier for Tump enthusiasts to filter subsets when they merge the Excel version with the P30 Appendix.

Geograph links have been modified. When a 10-figure GR exists, the blue circle will centre on the true (i.e. map) grid reference rather than, as previously, the Garmin GPS version in the 10-fig GR field.* When no 10-figure GR exists, the blue circle will centre on the SW corner of the square, e.g. for NN123456 the circle will be at NN 12300 45600, rather than in the centre of the 100m square. This positioning now aligns with the Streetmap links. See Database Notes for an explanation of the difference between a GPS and a map grid reference. A new field GridrefXY in the Excel and csv versions gives the 10-figure grid reference with the systematic component of the GPS error removed.

*We have had a report that on some PCs the coordinates displayed by Geograph are displaced from their correct position on the zoomable map. This becomes apparent when you hover or click with the mouse. This glitch has nothing to do with the database.

Revision dates from 2009 onwards give the date applied in Hill Bagging.

P30 Appendix
Tumps change register v2.0 → v2.1

New Access version

v13.1   06/04/2013

Routine update of British lists issued on completion of the data review commenced a year ago. New Irish 400m listing.
Key data changes - Britain

7286 Black Hill (27C)


1885 Bodesbeck Law (28B)
4739 Cnoc an Fhreiceadain (16C)
4743 Sletill Hill (16C)
4745 Beinn Ruadh (16C)
5132 Rachan Hill (28B)
5165 Moel Maenefa (30C)
5225 Old Radnor Hill (31B)


5423 Eggardon Hill (41) SY546944 → SY547942

108 Beinn Achaladair (2A) has been moved to the location given in Munro's Tables and The Relative Hills of Britain, which is 2m higher than NN346433 on the latest 1:50000 map and 5ft higher on the old 6" map. We hope to survey this hill in the future.
Hewitts and Nuttalls
2770 Thack Moor (35A) is promoted to Hewitt and Nuttall, having been found to exceed 2000ft. It has been deleted from Dewey's list. We have dropped the alternative name Renwick Fell as it only appeared in the TACit subHewitts listing and Thack Moor has been adopted as the Hewitt and Sim name.
Graham Tops and Sims
4550 The Socach (21A) has been relocated from NJ276143 to NJ279145.

New P20s

7886 Leac nan Gaidhseich (10A) – new sGT
7885 Bidein Druim nam Ramh North Top (17B) – new sCT
7887 Stob Coir' a'Ghrunnda (17B) – new sGT
7888 Sgurr nan Gillean Third Pinnacle (17B) – new sCT
7889 Bla Bheinn - The Prow (17B) – new sGT

Deleted P20s

7166 Long Hill (27A) – deleted s4
7393 Scotts Dod (28B) – deleted s5D
7435 Knock Hill (28B) – deleted s5D
7579 Cerrig Gwynion (31A) – deleted Subdewey
7703 Stony Band (35A) – deleted Subdewey

New Submarilyns

5285 Moneylaws Hill (33)

New Subhumps

7222 Wanlock Dod (27C)
5576 Shooters Hill (42)

Deleted Subhumps

7662 Cefn y Brithdir (32C)
7690 Old Fawdon Hill (33)

These are in addition to changes resulting from the Hump promotions and deletions noted above.

Key data changes - Ireland
Two more lists on the Mountainviews site have been added. We thank Simon Stewart for permission to reproduce these lists.

The Carns are hills 400-499m high with a minimum drop of 30m. The list has a number of differences from our own listing of 400-499/P30 hills, which are identified with the classification code 4. This is an extension of the '4' code which in previous releases applied only to 490-499m hills, as is still the case in Britain.

The Binnions are hills below 400m with 150m drop. The list is not identical to the subset of Marilyns below 400m.

The classification codes Ca and Bin are not shown in the Classification field but appear in the search dialogs and as columns in the Excel and csv formats.

A new Marilyn Change Register is accessible from the Database Notes. Change registers for the Munros and Corbetts were updated in February.
P30 Appendix   09/05/2013
P30 Appendix added to Hill Bagging with optional filter, Excel file transferred to DoBIH site. Major revision with enhancements to Excel version to match DoBIH.

v13   23/12/2012

Major upgrade with new Irish lists and many data changes, including a raft of reclassifications arising from surveys and research using the new online mapping resources.
Key data changes - Britain
713 Buidhe Bheinn (10A) replaces 716 Sgurr a'Bhac Chaolais. Sgurr a'Bhac Chaolais is no longer a twin Marilyn or Corbett.

1269 Sgurr na Stri (17B) has been relocated from the western to the eastern summit

5608 Wild Boar Fell East Top is no longer an "unofficial" twin of 2720 Wild Boar Fell


2954 Binnein an Fhidhleir (1D)
5958 Meall Ban (5A)
4339 Meall a'Gheur-fheadain (12A)
6734 Cnoc an Tubait (15A)
7525 Cefn yr Ogof (30C)
7575 Llechwedd Melyn (30F)
7668 Mynydd Gelliwastad (32B)
7675 Garth Hill (32C)
7833 Gowbarrow Fell (34C) – with relocation from hill 2610


5219 Pen Coed-swydd (31B) – renamed Coed-swydd
5248 Pen-yr-allt (31C)
3419 Foel Benddin (30E)


3481 Y Glog [Draws Drum] (31C) replaces 3479 Cefn Croes
5620 Knock Scalbart (19B) replaces 4852 Ballywilline Hill
5622 Pared y Cefn-hir (30F) replaces 2156 Bryn Brith
7884 Tyddynbriddell Hill (30F) replaces 5192 Ffridd-yr-Ychen


4647 Carn Dearg (9B) NH481185 → NH483188
996 Beinn na Feusaige (13B) NH093542 → NH090542
1269 Sgurr na Stri (17B) NG499193 → NG500192
5319 Blackstone Edge (36) SD972163 → SD973162
5419 Monkham Hill (41) SS986394 → SS987393

5273 Mynydd y Grug (32C) has had its height reduced by 20m following a review of its status.

Munros and Corbetts
716 Sgurr a'Bhac Chaolais (10A) becomes a deleted Corbett and a Corbett Top
1024 Beinn a'Chlaidheimh (14A) is reclassified from Munro to Corbett
2925 Beinn a'Chroin (1C) becomes the Munro, replacing the East Top (hill 36) which becomes a (presumed) Munro Top.
2927 Wether Hill (34C) replaces 2557 Wether Hill (Wainwright/Birkett)

3495 Llechwedd Llwyd (31C)
3551 Girdle Fell [White Crags] (33)
3575 Watch Hill (35A)
3589 Little Fell (35A)


7883 Cerrig Llywdion (31C) replaces 3512 Sychnentydd


3606 Great Knipe (35A) NY871144 → NY867144

Graham Tops and Sims
5745 Meall Reamhar North Top (1C) is promoted to Graham Top and Sim (drop 31.8m)
6360 Sgurr Mor Far West Top (10A) is promoted to Sim (height 600m)
1136 Meallan Liath (16B) is no longer a Sim (height 599.7m)
Donald Deweys

7268 Meikle Shag (27C)

Highland Fives

6369 Creag na Nathrach (10A)
7866 Meallan Liath Beag Mid South Top (16B)
7879 Needle Rock (17A)


5769 Stob a'Choin Duibh (1C)
6187 Tom Odhar (8B)
6282 Carn Suidhe Ghoiril (9B)
6294 Beinn Dubhcharaidh SW Top (9B)
6684 Cnoc a'Bhaid-rallaich West Top (14A)
6707 Drochaid a'Ghiubhais Li (14B)
6812 Carn Garbh South Top (16D)

6846 The Cathedral (17A) and 2608 Whatshaw Common (34C) are promoted to 490-499m top (classification code 4)

New P20s

46 new subCTs, subGTs, sub5Hs and Subdeweys have been added to the database. Many are marginal qualifiers with 20-22m drop. All bar 7832 Carn Bhac point 788m (sCT, 6B), 7849 Stob Coire Dubh North Top (sCT, 9C), and 7880 Docker Knott (s5, 35A) are listed in an rhb message and appear as hill nos. 7834–7848, 7850–7865 and 7867–7878. In addition, the deleted Deweys and deleted Highland Fives noted above become subs.

2064 Crib-y-rhiw (30D) is promoted to subHewitt.

5884 Meall Biorach SE Top (3B), 7143 Allanrowie (26A) and 7465 Ruegill Hill (28B) are demoted to sub 490-499m top (code s4).

Deleted P20s

932 An Socach East Top (12B) – deleted subMurdo
965 Spidean Coire nan Clach (Beinn Eighe) - Creag Dhu (13A) – deleted subMurdo
6534 Sgurr na Ruaidhe - Carn nan Gearran Bana (12A) – deleted sCT
6633 Beinn Bhan point 795m (13B) – deleted sCT
6665 Beinn Dearg Mor North Top (14A) – deleted sCT
6696 Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich - Creag Dhubh Fannaich (14B) – deleted sGT
3828 Common Fell (34C) – deleted Subdewey

New Subhumps

7881 Fan (31C)
7882 Gray Hill (32C)
3534 Mynydd Caerau (35C)

Deleted Subhumps

3190 Sgurr a'Chlaidheimh West Top (10B)
6686 Beinn Gorm Loch Mor (14A)
7652 Pen Gilfach-y-rhew (31C)
7654 Grongaer (31C)
7806 Turn Hill [Aller Wood] (41)

These are in addition to changes resulting from the Hump promotions, deletions and relocations noted above.

Key data changes - Ireland
The Vandeleur-Lynam and Arderin lists have been added. Both lists align with Mountainviews, although data details may differ.

The County Tops have been expanded to include the 26 local government districts of Northern Ireland that came into existence in the 1970s, together with four City Councils in the Republic of Ireland and three new counties that emerged from the historic 'Dublin'. Their classification code is CoU. In 2014 Limerick City and North Tipperary will no longer exist and their tops have not been included. Hills 21242-21253 are new; the others were already present as members of other lists.

20445 Crocknasmug has been reinstated as the Marilyn, replacing 20886 Crockaulin

20005 Caher West Top, 20033 Gearhane [An Gearan] and 20206 Corrig Mountain are deleted from the Hewitts

21254 The Bull is a new Subhump

Other data changes
Furths (hills outwith Scotland over 3000ft high listed in Munro's Tables) are identified with classification code F.
Design changes
The OS Get-a-Map field has been replaced by a link to Geograph mapping.

The database will run in 64-bit Access.

A table of discrepancies where the data are at odds with a hill's classification is linked from the revised Database Notes.

v12.1   17/02/2012

Routine update to correct a few errors in the new lists in v12.0, implement recent changes and update 10-figure grid references from the GPS database. The remaining subs for the Irish lists have been added, with the result that the database now covers all of GBI down to 490m with 20m drop, and lesser heights with 90m drop.
Key data changes - Britain
7824 High Billinge (Section 36) replaces 5339 Hangingstone Hill - Pale Heights as Hump following a survey.

7830 Liddington Hill (39) replaces 5381 Liddington Castle as Hump and Swindon UA Top. The old summit is lower if you discount the man-made ramparts.

3481 Y Glog [Draws Drum] has been relocated 350m north to the 574m spot height on the vector map as this is 1m higher than the spot on the 1:25k map. However the location of the Dewey on the ridge is uncertain.

3335 nameless (Top o'Selside - Brock Barrow) has been relocated from the true summit to Wainwright's cairn. See Database Notes.

3415 Vivod Mountain, 7828 Pengarn and 7829 Doddiscombsleigh Hill are new Subhumps.

3460 Pen Creigiau'r Llan is no longer a Subhump.

7820 Cnoc na Seamraig (1D) is a new Highland Five.

7822 Craig Hill North Top (28B) is a new 490-499m/P30 hill.

7823 Sail Liath West Top, 7826 Bidein a'Ghlas Thuill East Top and 7827 Bidein a'Ghlas Thuill Far East Top are new subMurdos on An Teallach.

County Top changes

7821 Lillypot replaces 5554 Tair Onnen as Vale of Glamorgan County Top.

7825 Highgate replaces 5579 Hampstead Lane as Haringey LB top.

7831 Newcombe Drive (Greenheys) replaces 5535 Greenheys as Salford UA top

5553 Green Walk (Bowdon), formerly The Devisdale: relocation of the Trafford UA top.

5510 Knowsley Park relocated and 5511 Hag Brow demoted as twin for Knowsley UA Top.

See also 7830 Liddington Hill above.

Key data changes - Ireland
SubMyrddyn Deweys below 600m and 490-499m/P20 hills have been added, filling a gap in the Irish subs.

21094 Knockroe (54A) replaces 21093 Ballydorgan as Hump. 20193 becomes a Subhump.

21168 Knockalla Mountain NE Top [Cnoc Colbha] (45B) is a new twin Marilyn in Donegal. It is a twin of 20406 Knockalla Mountain [Cnoc Colbha].

21110 Knocknaheeny (48C): Hump has new height and location.

Other data changes
385 Sgairneach Mhor: corrected height of this deleted Munro Top

686 The Saddle - Trig Point: new 1011 height from 1:25k map. Evidence for the competing summit locations is summarised in the Database Notes.

2457 Haystacks: we have moved the summit to the Dewey and mentioned the Wainwright/Birkett summit in Comments. We have adopted a new policy of giving precedence to a prominence based list over a subjective list when the summits are at slightly different locations. It may take a while to bring other hills into line with this policy.

2557/2927 Wether Hill: heights and drops changed. Old maps and and a survey by Abney Level provide clear evidence to support the south top being higher (see Database Notes). The Nuttalls have been notified. For the time being the Nuttall stays at the northern summit.

2605 Bannisdale Fell - Long Crag: summit moved to the Birkett/4 and WOF summit transferred to Comments

2631 Hugill Fell: revised summit height, col location and height

2711 Mickle Fell: height amended

5862 Creag nan Craobh: typo in grid reference corrected

7780 Barrock Fell: Section corrected

The An Teallach tops have been overhauled using more complete data from the new Harvey map.

Other changes are of a minor nature and include several new or amended col locations. Details can be viewed in the Change Register.

Design changes
A search has been added for Sims (600m/P30 hills in England, Wales and Scotland).
Database Notes
New sections added for the Change Control Database, Submitting 10-figure grid references, the survey fund, and hills mentioned above.

Link to Summits and Cols protocol used by the editorial and survey teams to define the location of summits and cols.

New Dewey Change Register.

The Munros and Tops 1891-1997 has been brought up to date.

v12.0   27/11/2011

Major release with new lists, coverage of Ireland, and changes to the database design. Great Britain is now covered down to 490m in height with 20m of drop, and to 90m of drop for lesser heights. Ireland is covered down to 600m in height with 20m of drop, to 490m with 30m of drop, and to 90m of drop for lesser heights. Paddy Dillon's list of Irish 2000ft hills is also included. We have extended coverage to the Channel Islands, adding three Humps and a Subhump in the newly created section 57. There are now 7819 British hills, an increase of 39% on the previous version, and 1167 Irish Hills.

We have discontinued the non-relational Access versions.

Classification codes
We have adopted Alan Dawson's redefinition of subs as hills falling short by 10m of drop. Hills falling short on height are no longer subs but are subsumed into other lists. The Subgraham category has been removed. Sorry to those who dislike changes, but the addition of the subCTs, subGTs and sub5s would have led to many more multiple classifications and created additional categories of "double sub". For further explanation see the Database Notes [now removed].

We have removed all deletion categories except those for the SMC lists and the Nuttalls. Again, please see the Database Notes for the rationale. In their place, we are using the Comments field to record deletions in other categories. We plan to add change registers for Marilyns, Deweys etc. in the Database Notes, in a similar format to the change register for the Humps.

The codes 5D and 5M identify the listings of the 500-609m hills in the Scottish Lowlands and Ireland, known as Donald Deweys and Myrddyn Deweys, respectively. We have used 5H for the extension to the Scottish Highlands and named the hills Highland Fives. We considered using the code 5 for all these lists as in Rob Woodall's files on the rhb group, but it would have complicated the search facility for the Donald Deweys, and hills on the England-Scotland border would not have been identified as belonging to both lists. We have not subdivided the 4 and s4 categories, which cover only 490-499m hills at present.

Design features
The Access version has a new facility for searching within a specified distance of a grid reference.

We have restructured the Classification field so that multiple categorisations appear in a rational order.

Two redundant hill numbers have been reused.
  • Hill 2304, formerly Hangingstone Hill, has been reassigned to a new 400m sub. This hill number has been orphaned for a year and a half following the move of the deleted Nuttall to 1846 Cairn Hill West Top, so it is unlikely that any user still has an ascent recorded against hill 2304.
  • Hill 5617 has been reassigned from Slieve Donard to another new 400m sub. Slieve Donard was added in v11.2 two years ago when we added the Trail 100 list. As this hill is now present in the Irish part of the database, it was necessary to remove it from the British listing. Anyone who has an ascent record for hill 5617 in v11 will need to transfer it to hill 20016.
Neither of these changes affect logs on
Key data changes
5636 Saugh Hill is now a twin Marilyn of 1734 Troweir Hill.

3545 Beefstand Hill is no longer a Dewey. It has been established beyond doubt that the summit lies in Scotland.

2230 Fan Brycheiniog has been replaced by 5603 Fan Brycheiniog - Twr y Fan Foel as Marilyn, Hewitt and Nuttall.

1024 Beinn a'Chlaidheimh has been surveyed as 913.96m (2999ft). The result has been accepted by the OS, and Get-a-map now gives a summit height of 914m instead of 916m. The SMC has not yet demoted the hill to Corbett.

5478 Silverhill is no longer a twin County Top of Nottinghamshire. For details see the survey report.

Irish hills are new to the database, but owners of the TACit publication should note the following changes:

  • 20886 Crockaulin replaces 20445 Crocknasmug as the Marilyn
  • 20535 Knockiveagh and 20539 Croghan Hill are demoted to Submarilyn
  • Tievummera: the Hewitt has been relocated from hill 20057 to 20571.

v11.6   31/03/2011

Routine update with 195 new 10-figure grid references, promotions/demotions detailed below, and various minor corrections. Drop has been added for the 192 hills lacking a figure in v11.5. 1635 hills now have an entry in the "survey" field.

Some discrepancies in the Area field between the relational and non-relational versions of the database have been resolved. A bug has been fixed in the relational database that was preventing searches on certain combinations of criteria.

Excel and csv versions have a new field with links to the hill-bagging website.

Key data changes
There are three changes to the Deweys:

5635 Kirkby Fell is promoted
3608 Hand Lake is deleted
3362 Y Ro Wen has moved 200m to the NE.

There are a number of changes to the Humps. For a listing of all changes since the original publication, see Changes to the Humps.

New Humps:
5633 Wharncliffe Chase
5634 Gallt yr Ancr

Deleted Humps:
3646 Black Edge
3518 Cefn Cul [Waun Leuci]
5096 Quothquan Law
4299 Meall a'Phubuill - East Top

Replaced/relocated Humps:
5627 Domen-gastell Hill replaces 5184 Jericho Hill
5628 Chinley Churn replaces 5328 Chinley Churn (old GR)
3362 Y Ro Wen (also a Dewey) has moved 200m to the NE
5372 Frith Hill has moved 500m to the south

2865/2866 Seager Hill has been de-twinned. Hill 2865 is still the Marilyn but the south summit is now thought to be lower on the basis of levelled heights on old maps. These replace the 269m air heights from the 1:25k map.

Two DoubleSubMurdos and two DoubleSubHewitts have been added. These categories will be reclassified as SubCTs and SubDeweys in version 12.

v11.5.1Access versions only

Relational   24/01/2011

Fixed bug causing two hills on the Scotland–England border in RHB/TACit lists being duplicated in searches and not being returned in searches on section 28B.

Added new search by map number; replaced dropdown box for Country by checkboxes.

Non-relational   21/12/2010

Fixed bug in non-relational Access versions (2000 and 97) giving incorrect totals in Nuttalls queries.

v11.5   16/11/10

A significant release with new functionality in the relational Access version, three demotions and numerous data additions and amendments.
Database design
The relational Access version offers the following new features:
  • User Compare: list hills climbed by one user but not by another, hills climbed by both, or hills climbed by neither
  • User Progress: breakdown of hills climbed by year or by month
  • import/export logs in csv format to and from
  • Hill Search dialog offers searches by county or Unitary Authority.
There is no change to the non-relational Access version apart from a renumbering of queries 61-68.
Key data changes
2734 Lovely Seat is no longer a Marilyn.

3396 Cerrig y Ieirch [Moel Llechwedd-gwyn] and 3609 Linghaw are no longer Deweys.

The true summit has Rhiw Gwraidd (35A) has been identified and the Marilyn moved from hill 2196 to 2197.

2303 Cairn Hill has had its xDT classification removed. Neither Cairn Hill nor the other English hills appearing in Section 12 of the Donalds listing up to the 1990 edition of Munro's Tables — hills 2302, 2306, 2307, 2309 and 2310 — were given a Top Number. Neither did they appear in Table 2 The 2,000 feet hills arranged in order of altitude. It seems clear from Percy Donald's introduction to the 1953 edition that he regarded the English hills in the Cheviots as an addendum rather than part of the list, so they cannot be regarded as having been Donalds or Donald Tops. The DoBH has never classified the other five hills as xDT so Cairn Hill was an anomaly.

Hill 2304, formerly Hangingstone Hill, has had its data removed and is now unassigned. We had already transferred the deleted Nuttall to 1846 Cairn Hill West Top in v11.0. The change will prevent hill 2304 from being returned in searches on Hangingstone Hill and potentially causing confusion.

We have rationalised the Area names for hills on the Scotland-England border in the non-relational versions of the database. A few hills were causing a problem by belonging to "Cheviots" in the Nuttalls list and "Roxburgh and Cheviots" in the Donalds. In all versions of Munro's Tables prior to 1997 this area is split into "Roxburgh" (section 11) and "Cheviots" (section 12). The SMC amalgamated the two regions when they removed Auchope Cairn and the six unnumbered English tops in 1997, leaving only three hills in total. We decided the simplest solution was to revert to the pre-1997 sections, as "Cheviots" is also the Nuttalls area name. Accordingly, 1906 Cauldcleuch Head is now in "Roxburgh", and 1846 Cairn Hill West Top, 2303 Cairn Hill and 2305 Auchope Cairn are in "Cheviots". The relational Access database is unaffected because its structure allows a hill to carry more than one area name, so hills appearing in both lists will appear under "Roxburgh and Cheviots" in a search on Donalds areas and under "Cheviots" in a search on Nuttalls areas. We have fixed a bug that caused Windy Gyle to be omitted from a search on Roxburgh and Cheviots.

2318 Housedon Hill: the summit has been moved to the south top (the original location in The Relative Hills of Britain) following an Abney Level survey. The 267m spot on the 1:50000 map is confusing as it is superimposed on a 260m contour and is nowhere near the northern summit. 19th century 1:10560 maps give the correct position (877ft).

The historic county top of Denbighshire has changed from 2089 Moel Sych to 2087 Cadair Berwyn. The new summit for Cadair Berwyn did not appear on pre-metric OS mapping.

There are location changes for Nottingham, Wigan and Blackpool Unitary Authority tops. 5528 Mapperley is no longer a twin CoU as 5527 Nottingham M1 is thought to be higher.

Two new unclassified hills have been added following surveys to determine possible Nuttall or Dewey qualification.

In addition to the above, there is the usual raft of minor changes arising from GPS measurements, surveys, and new hill names or spot heights on OS maps. The number of hills lacking a figure for drop (none on prominence based lists) has reduced to 172. We give col locations for 4336 hills.

We now license the database under a Create Commons Attribution licence. Commercial use of the data is permitted.

v11.4   31/03/2010

A significant upgrade with over 650 new or amended col grid references, 286 new drops, 117 new 10-figure grid references, 102 more surveyed hills, and changes to the primary data of 186 hills. 205 hills still lack a figure for drop but none are on prominence based lists.

2607 Baystones is demoted to SubMarilyn for the second time.

3343 Iwerddon has been deleted from Dewey's list.

366 Meall Glas Choire and 1006 Lord Berkeley's Seat become new SubMurdos.

Two Humps have been deleted: 5275 Mynydd Dinas and 5308 Quarrystone Bank.

Twin Humps, defined as having at least 30m of drop, have been added. A query for Hu= has been added to the Access database.

We have added a former Hump whose deletion predates the addition of Humps in v11.0: 5624 Stacaiseal. Another "old" deleted Hump, 2954 Binnein an Fhidhleir, was already there as a CTC but we have added the xHu classification.

The two hills in section 20D have been moved to 20A. Section 20D was briefly created for Colonsay but subsequently scrapped, so is not a valid RHB region. Two further errors in the Section field have been corrected: hill 587 has been moved to 8B and hill 5605 to 38B.

Many hill names have been corrected and or had alternative names added, generally due to new names or changed spellings appearing on OS maps.

The Comments field has been overhauled. 24 entries deleted in error in v11.2 have been restored. We no longer comment on revisions of a routine nature, e.g. small changes in height or grid reference.

Two minor bugs affecting searches in the relational Access database have been corrected.

v11.3   08/12/2009

Minor upgrade to correct errors in v11.2.
  • 4381 Beinn Bhreac (GTM and Hump)
    We have moved the location to the western summit, as given in the TACit Tables. The eastern summit, also 624m, is hill 5599.
  • 3807 Brown How
    Height and location changed
  • 2497 Buckbarrow
    Height corrected
  • 1846 Cairn Hill West Top
    Missing northing in 10-figure GR reinstated
  • 5617 Slieve Donard
    Latitude, longitude and links to Streetmap etc. corrected
  • 588 Beinn Bhreac West Top
    Col GR added
  • Corrected bug that caused Windy Gyle to be returned twice in some searches in the relational version

v11.2   20/11/2009

A significant release with changes to the primary data of ca. 250 hills including many new and updated col grid references. 10-figure grid references are now supplied for 3190 hills, an increase of 466 from v11.1. 1182 hills have been surveyed.
Database design
Following requests, two new lists have been added. They can be accessed via the main search screen in the relational Access database and by numbered queries in the non-relational version. New columns are given in the Excel and csv versions.
  • Bridge's English and Welsh 2000s (1973)
    This list enjoyed some popularity before publication of Buxton & Lewis (1986) and the Nuttalls (1992). There are no new hills, but Bridge's location for Cefn Gwyntog (hill 2130) is well north of the two summits given in later lists, almost certainly prompted by inaccurate mapping in the First Series survey which shows a misleading 2000ft contour circling Bridge's GR.
  • Trail "Best 100"
    Published in Trail Magazine in 2007 and popularised by becoming the objective of the WaterAid Trail 100 charity challenge. It has required the addition of three new hills, one of which is Slieve Donard in Northern Ireland.
The Area field has been split into two. Region supplies the RHB section name, while Area supplies non-RHB names used by the Nuttalls, Wainwright, Donald etc. We have added Scottish island names to this field.

A few glitches in the previous version have been sorted out. In the relational Access version, "sort by date" now functions correctly; sort by drop has been added; and all lists including Buxton & Lewis, Bridge and Trail 100 are available in the search dialog. In the non-relational Access version, the former Query 60 "Sorted by Climbed date" functions correctly.

Key data changes
900 Sgurr nan Ceannaichean is demoted from Munro to Corbett. See the Database Notes.

5619 Carn Bad nan Luibhean is a new Hump.

Seven Humps have been deleted: 3014 Sgor Gaibhre - Meall a'Bhealaich, 4921 Hill of Colvadale, 4998 Northballo Hill, 5006 Mounthuillie, 5038 Loch Hill, 5077 Barskeoch Hill, and 5600 Dirrington Little Law.

Hill 5618 has been created for the Hump summit of Hampsfell. 2696 is now reserved for the Wainwright Outlying Fell.

1267 Beinn Dearg Mheadhonach: classification corrected from GTC to GTG.

1321 Beinn Chreagach (Mull): moved to NM 51988 21701, 240m east of the main cairn and 1m higher. Most people are likely to have been over the highpoint if using the obvious route from the Carsaig road.

739 Luinne Bheinn has been relocated back to the "official " summit.

A number of hills, all but three of them Humps, have had their Section/Region corrected. 1564 Liuthaid (Marilyn) and 1944 Ayton Hill (SubMarilyn) were incorrectly designated in the original sources.

20 hills have had their name or spelling changed, and another 17 have newly added alternative names. The latter include a handful of Gaelic alternatives that have recently appeared on OS maps.

Many hills have seen minor changes in height, drop or grid reference. We have started to overhaul the col data, which has resulted in quite a lot of changes to col positions; others will undoubtedly follow in future releases.

v11.1   06/07/2009

Maintenance release mainly to correct errors in v11.0.

A small number of classification errors have been corrected. With the exception of hill 28 Stob Binnein - Stob Coire an Lochain, wrongly classified as a Marilyn, they affect only the relational version. Relational version allows searches on deleted Corbetts and Double Subs.

RHB section numbers corrected for a number of Humps.

Gaelicised hill names appearing on recent OS maps added in brackets.

Summit of 4817 Ben Hogh on Coll relocated to the SE top.

About 20 heights and drops of Humps updated. Survey data added for a further 10 hills.

v11.01   23/06/2009

Bug fix for the relational Access version.

v11.0   22/06/2009

Major release with nearly 2000 new hills, new data fields, and provision of both non-relational and relational versions of the Access database. Simon Edwardes and George Gradwell have joined the editorial team. The interactive database at and the Database of British Hills now share the same data.
Database design
Graham Tops, County Tops, Birketts and Humps have been added.

New fields have been added for drop, col height and col location.

Latitude and Longitude are now given in signed decimal format.

The classification codes have changed. Sorry if this confuses people, but we were running out of letters and the additional lists would have put a strain on the system. The new codes are more intuitive, and those for the Corbetts and Grahams and their tops align with the TACit Tables. We think most of the codes will be interpretable without reference to the key.

10-figure Grid References are given to the nearest 1m rather than 5m. Many measurements now have improved accuracy from averaging several independent GPS readings, while a growing number of others are from highly accurate differential GPS measurements. (We have always quoted OS data on trig points to 1m.)

A new relational version of the database is available in Access 2000 upwards.

Key data changes
14 Creag na Criche, 1482 Sail Chalmadale and 2051 Mynydd y Cwm: promoted to Marilyn.

2828 Raw Head: demoted to SubMarilyn after exhaustive surveying.

4382 Gairbeinn - Carn Leac East Top: new Corbett Top. The Graham Tops listing includes two summits added since the original publication.

3267 Beinn Dearg North Top: deleted Corbett Top.

3385/3386 Pen y Bedw: The east top (hill 3385) replaces the west top (hill 3386) as the Dewey.

2381/3728 High Stile: We have created a new record for the Wainwright summit, hill 3728. This was necessary because Birkett lists the Wainwright and Marilyn/Hewitt/Nuttall (hill 2381) as separate tops. You may need to adjust your records.

2667/3863 Top o'Selside: We have created a new record for the Wainwright/Birkett summit, hill 3863. This was a borderline decision as it is only 100m from the Marilyn but we think it far from certain that walkers would automatically visit both summits. You may need to adjust your records.

2607/3838 Baystones [Wansfell]: We have added a new record for the former position of the Marilyn as Birkett gives this location.

2304 Hangingstone Hill: This hill has been declassified as the deleted Nuttall has been transferred to 1846 Cairn Hill West Top. The grid reference for the summit, established by an Abney Level survey, is 70m SW of the fence junction and plots exactly on the England–Scotland border (from the OS Admin Meridian data). There is therefore no justification for listing the deleted Nuttall separately from the Donald Top.

v10.2   10/11/2008

Database design
We have rationalised the way we present data in the various co-ordinate fields and added new fields for latitude and longitude. All entries in the 10-figure Grid Ref field are suitable for input to hand held GPS units, including those derived from the OS trig point database. Entries in the xcoord and ycoord fields are true OSGB36 National Grid, i.e. those derived from Garmin GPS measurements have had the systematic error removed. The new Latitude and Longitude fields are to the WGS84 datum. For further details see the Database Notes.
Data changes
2033 Mynydd Graig Goch: As many readers will have heard on the national news, this former Dewey has been shown by surveying to be over 2000ft high. In consequence it becomes a Nuttall and Hewitt.

3686 Botley Hill: The new location has been confirmed by surveying.

3385/3386 Pen y Bedw: A survey by Abney Level suggests that the East Top is 1-2m higher than the West Top. The drop between them appears to be less than 30m. An accurate levelling survey is planned. If the above is confirmed, the West Top, the original Dewey, will be deleted.

2235 Bwlch y Ddwyallt [Gwaun Cerrig Llwydion], 3612 Meugher, 3642 Oliver Hill: transcription errors in the grid references have been corrected. Some other hills have received small changes to the 6-figure grid reference: these will have the current revision date but lack an entry in the Comments column.

1538 Ward Hill (Fair Isle, Shetlands): the height has been revised to 219m. The trig point is some way below the summit.

3687 Glan Fedwen: new hill surveyed as just short of Dewey status.

Ten-figure grid references have been supplied for another 125 hills, making 2354 in all.

v10.1   07/07/2008

  • Domen-ddu (hill 3466, 31B) demoted from Dewey's list
  • Clarified that the Deweys Pen y Bedw E and W Tops (hills 3385/6) are either twins or that one fails to qualify.
  • An Excel application has been developed with some of the functionality of the Access database. Please send feedback to johnbarnard25 {a} replacing {a} by @.
  • A few minor changes to the Map 1:50k field.

v10.0   30/06/2008

Database design
  • New field with 1:25000 OS map numbers (thanks to Anthony Hartry)
  • All queries in the Access version have the OS Get-a-Map hyperlink and the new map field
Data changes
  • Cracoe Fell (35B) replaces Thorpe Fell Top as a Marilyn and Dewey
  • Botley Hill (42) has been relocated
  • New SubMarilyn: Suidhe Chatain on Bute (19C)
  • Axe Edge (36) is no longer a Dewey
  • Craig Wen (30B) and Fan e Chwyth (32A) added as DoubleSubHewitts
  • Over 600 10-figure Grid References have been added
  • Two alternative summits are mentioned in the Comments field: Housedon Hill NT902329 (267 spot at 1:50k) and Saugh Hill (potential twin of Troweir Hill). Waddington Fell has been established by line surveying to be 0.7m lower than Easington Fell (36) and hence is not a potential Twin Peak
  • Chactonbury Hill (42), which was relocated in v9, has been officially renamed Chactonbury Ring. The 10-figure GR has been corrected
  • Beinn a'Chlachair East Top (4B) has been restored to its former height of 977m on the latest 1:25000 map. The drop is 29m, making it a potential Murdo and Munro Top
  • The Section numbers of five minor Lakeland hills and one Scottish hill have been corrected
  • A handful of surveyed hills falling short of list criteria are added. They join the two unclassified hills previously in the database.

v9.0   22/12/2007

No new lists or features were added, but there are a significant number of changes to the data.

  • Two hills have been added to the Nuttalls' list and one deleted. Hill 2001 Carnedd y Filiast North Top is promoted from Deleted Nuttall. Hill 3662 Castell y Gwynt is a new addition and has the distinction of being over 3000ft high. Hill 2093 Cadair Bronwen NE Top is demoted to Deleted Nuttall. For the announcements see and for details of the levelling surveys behind the changes see the Files section of the rhb egroup. You will need to be a member of the egroup to view the survey reports. [Update: survey reports are now held on Hill Bagging.]
  • 3431 Mynydd Ceiswyn and 3661 Great Yarlside are demoted from Dewey's list, following surveys that can be viewed from the link above. The changes have been accepted by Michael Dewey.
  • 2477 Whinlatter, Barf, Broom Fell, Graystones, Ling Fell and Sale Fell have been moved to Section 34A, 2357 Dunmallet to 34C, 2176 Moel Bentyrch to 30E, 3525 Carn Pen-rhiw-ddu to 32B, and 24 Ben Clach and 25 Torlum to 26B. The other hills in Section 26 are assigned to 26A or 26B, following the splitting of the region in the Graham Tops.
  • Several summit locations have changed: Hartsop above How, Brock Crags, Chactonbury Ring, Beacon Hill (Lundy Island), Glan Hafon, Harper Hills, nameless (Naddle Horseshoe - 2) etc. The last of these is notable as it stems from a rare error in one of Wainwright's sketch maps. Errors in GRs are corrected for a few other hills. Some heights have changed, usually prompted by new spot heights on 1:25000 maps. However we have certainly not found them all and we anticipate further revisions in future releases.
  • Double Subs have added for Murdos, Hewitts and Grahams. The hills are included in the "Sub" categories and distinguished by a superscript in the Classification field, e.g. a DoubleSubHewitt is denoted h².
  • Area names have changed for some Welsh hills. We would have liked to adopt Dewey's regional classification for mid Wales but this would unfortunately conflict with the Nuttalls' scheme, which is needed for sorting.
  • The number of ten-figure grid references has reached 2008. 1617 are from GPS measurements and a further 391 from OS trig databases. As in previous versions, the latter are only given where no GPS measurement is available and may not necessarily correspond to the summit. 522 hills have been surveyed.

v8.1   02/07/2007

This release corrected a couple of errors in v8.0. v8.1.1 (05/08/07) subsequently corrected a bug in the Excel version.

v8.0   30/06/2007

The Deweys have been overhauled. This was prompted by the discovery of some errors in v7 and a set of more accurate grid references on Simon Edwardes' site. The most significant changes are given below. We have corresponded with Rob Woodall and Simon Edwardes and regard the current data as the best we can do pending more GPS measurements and surveys.

  • Lank Rigg (2471) replaces Blea Rigg (2470).
  • 3515 Cefn Coch and 3530 Y Domen Fawr are in section 32C, and 3443 Craig Portas E Top in 30F.
  • 86 Grid references have been changed. In most cases the change was due to eastings and northings having been rounded in the file on the rhb e-group, from which we took most of the original data. This is a common though incorrect practice; see the Database Notes.
  • A new hill, 3661, has been added for the Dewey summit of Great Yarlside as it is c.0.5km from the Wainwright Outlying Fell. This is one of three Deweys not in the original published list whose qualification is doubtful. The others are Mynydd Ceiswyn (3431) and Domen-ddu (3466). See Rob Woodall's rhb usergroup message. All three have been accepted by Michael Dewey and therefore remain in the database for the time being.
  • Where applicable, Nuttalls/Wainwright area names have been substituted for rhb Section names in the Area field.
The height of Foinaven has been reduced to 911m following the publicised CMCR survey.

Black Mountain is now deemed to be in Wales only in the Marilyn and Hewitts tables. As the hill is no longer double counted in the Marilyn country totals in the Microsoft Access version of the database, HOF members can report their year-end figures from the Totals table without adjustment.

The number of hills with 10-figure grid references has reached 1719, of which 289 have been surveyed. Continuing the practice we started in v7, we have revised the 6-figure grid references to align with the new 10-figure GRs after correcting for the systematic error in the Garmin measurement (see Database Notes).

Design changes

A new field gives hyperlinks to a 1:25000 map on OS Get-a-map.

In the Access version of the database, query 49 returns a list of unclimbed hills in any region. You will be prompted for the Section number. Note that if you omit the subsection letter, the query will return all sections commencing with that number, e.g. entering "1" will return not just 1A-1E but also 10A-10D etc.

v7.0   10/03/2007

The Deweys (hills in England, Wales and Isle of Man in the range 500-609m with at least 30m of ascent on all sides) have been added.

New fields record summit observations and surveys. 154 hills have been surveyed using levelling instruments.

Birks Fell (35B) has been promoted to a Hewitt and Nuttall. It replaces the Marilyn, Horse Head Moor.

A new Marilyn Twin Peak, Beinn Tharsuinn - Sidhean a'Choin Bhain (15B) has been added. It is also a twin Graham.

The number of 10-figure Grid References has reached 1553. 6-figure GRs have been overhauled to align with the 10-figure GRs.

The height of Knight's Peak has been increased to 915m and Beinn a'Ghlo - Carn nan Gabhar (6B) reduced to 1121m.

v6.0   06/12/2005

A new SubMarilyn has been added. This is hill 3336, Beinn Ceannabeinne (16B).

The number of 10-figure Grid References has grown to 1278, though 541 of these are from the Ordnance Survey trig point database. A new field has been added to identify the feature to which the 10 figure GR refers.

Two Deleted Munro Tops have been relocated and minor corrections applied to a handful of hills.

v5.0   11/05/2005

A new field has been added for 10 Figure Grid References. All data are from ground observations and are given to the nearest 5 metres. The database includes measurements for over 550 hills.

Two new Marilyns (one a promotion, the other a new hill) and a new English Nuttall have been added. See hills 140, 3320 and 3321.

Wainwright Outlying Fells have been completely overhauled. 14 new hills have been added, including the 12 nameless summits, and numerous changes made to grid references and heights. See the Database Notes for details. All hills in this list have been given the latest revision date irrespective of changes.

v4.2.1   04/02/2004

Correction to four entries in the Revision and Comments fields, and to the URL linking to this page in the Forms table.

v4.2   01/02/2004

The most significant change to the data is the addition of a new Marilyn Twin Peak, also a Twin Graham. This is hill 3319, Meall nan Damh (Section 12A). It is joined on 673m with hill 914, Carn na Coinnich, which remains the Marilyn by virtue of its trig pillar. There are minor changes to a further 20 hills involving a mixture of height changes, relocations and names. The hills are dated 28/01/04 in the Revision field; Query 44 in the Access version will bring them up.

The Streetmap field has been added to Queries 1-47 of the Access version. The URL has been modified to mirror a recent change in the site. It is now necessary to click on the grey arrows below and to the right of the map to bring up the 1:50000 OS map. For further information see the Database Notes.

v4.1   22/03/2003

Minor revision to correct errors in six hills.

v4.0   17/01/2003

  • Corbett Tops
  • Buxton & Lewis list (1986)
  • Streetmap links
  • Absolute grid references
  • New SubMurdo: hill 2924
  • Beinn a'Chroin West Top: Murdo moved to hill 2925
  • Buidhe Bheinn: Twin Corbett moved from hill 715 to 713
  • Numerous minor revisions to heights, Grid Refs and hill name
  • New queries and expanded report in Access version

Earlier releases

v3.0   27/01/2002   Minor revisions; additional queries and totals report in Access version
v2.1   21/11/2001   Minor revisions
v2.0   28/10/2001   Revised and improved
v1.0   13/09/2001   Draft for comment


The Access version has a facility for importing your ascent logs from previous releases in Access or Excel. The easiest way to upgrade the Excel and csv versions is to sort by hill number in both databases (if not already sorted), then copy and paste the Climbed column from the old file to the new one. The row number for the first Irish hill (hill 20001) will increase when new British hills are added, so paste your British and Irish records separately. For transferring records from the former P30 Appendix follow these instructions.

If you are upgrading from v15.2 or earlier, be aware that a few hills where the summit location differs between lists, e.g. Burnhope Seat, have been split into two separate hills. Review the hills listed under Splits in the revision history for v14 onwards to see whether they affect your bags.

If you are upgrading from v11.2–v11.6 and have climbed Slieve Donard, transfer your record from hill 5617 to 20016

If you are upgrading from v10.2 or earlier and have climbed High Stile (34B) or Top o'Selside (34D), you may need to manually alter your records as these hills were split into two in v11. In addition, any record for hill 2304 (formerly Hangingstone Hill) should be transferred to 1846 Cairn Hill West Top (28B) as this hill number has been reused. You are also advised to check the revision history for relocations in case you have not bagged the true summit!

In the unlikely event that you are upgrading from v3.0 or earlier you may also need to adjust your records for Beinn a'Chroin (1C) and Buidhe Bheinn (10A).