Lochn Beoraid Database of British and Irish Hills

Overcoming security blocks

The Access database uses macros. These may cause your PC to block the application or hamper its functionality, depending on your software and security settings.
Cannot open the database
This problem is usually confined to Windows 7 or Vista users. The simplest solution is to unblock the file in the Properties tab. See these instructions for details.

Thanks to Peter Yoxall

Using the hills database in Access 2007 upwards
The default security setting in Access 2007 upwards is to block all macros. The latest version of Office 365 does not permit you to enable blocked content unless the file is located in a Trust Center. To create one, click File, Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Settings, Trusted Locations. Browse to your folder or drive, check "include subfolders" if desired, and click OK. There is also the option of enabling all macros everywhere on your PC or network. The Trust Center may be accessed from a different menu in earlier versions.

Earlier versions of Office allow you to enable blocked content by clicking the Options button alongside the security warning message, then selecting "Enable this content" in the panel that pops up. The queries will then work, but you will have to repeat the enabling process next time you open the file. You can avoid this by putting the file in a Trust Center.

We have had no reports of issues with importing the database into earlier Access versions. There is a small loss of functionality in Access 2000 concerning the Import Logs routine; see the Database Notes for a workaround.