Database of British and Irish Hills

Changes to the Yeamans

E J Yeaman's Handbook of the Scottish Hills, as published in 1989, contained 2441 hills. Some hills were subsequently shown to fail the criteria for inclusion stated in the Introduction, viz. an ascent of 100m all round, or, failing that, is at least 5km (walking distance) from any higher point on neighbouring hills. In 2001 Yeaman circulated a typed update sheet with some copies of the Handbook which identified 65 new hills, deleted 11 hills, and replaced 6 hills. On later copies of this update sheet one of these replacements was manually scored out.

Later authors building on Yeaman's work adopted a simplified criterion of 100m drop, paving the way for publication of the Humps. Revision of the Yeamans as such ceased with the 2001 update, consequently the list has "historic" status.

Yeaman identified hills by 4-figure grid references. Although this occasionally fails to identify the summit, it reduces the need for alternate tops to be created when Humps or Tumps are relocated as in many cases notional summit relocations have fallen within the same km square. When a Hump or Tump has been relocated to a summit in a different km square we have retained the original location for the Yeaman.

4576 Meall Mor 1A
5714 Druim Ardoch [Creag Bheithe] 1B
3969 Meall Reamhar 1C
8121 Clach MacKenny 1E
4008 Meall a' Chall [Meall a' Chail] 2B
4049 Creag a' Chuir 4B
8285 Meall na h-Iolaire 5A
6053 Creag nan Ceard 6B
3100 Easter Balloch 7B
4125 Fasheilach 7B
8460 Craig Hill 7B
608 Meall Alvie 8B
6227 Carn Bad na Caorach 9A
6229 Hill of Urchany 9A
8571 Bracken Noits 9A
649 Cnoc Thulagain 9B
4208 Cnoc an Tiumpain 9B
4647 Carn Dearg 9B
4648 Creag Nighean Iain Duinn [Foyers Hill] 9B
6269 Carn Choire Odhair 9B
4280 Ladhar Bheinn North Top 10B
3196 Sean Mheall 10C
923 Creag Mhor 12A
6595 Bad a' Chlamhain 12A
960 Coinneach Mhor 13A
962 Sgurr nan Fhir Duibhe 13A
3247 Baosbheinn East Top 13A
4388 Sgurr na Bana Mhoraire 13B
4410 Beinn Tharsuinn Chaol 14A
4709 Strone Nea 15A
6736 Beinn Giuthais [Creag na Feola] 15A
1090 Tom a' Choinnich 15B
4718 Carn Beag 15B
4721 Raven Rock 15B
6773 Beinn an Lochain [Bearn a' Chlaidheimh] 15B
9839 Cnoc an Daimh 16A
6818 Creag an Alltan Fhearna 16D
4775 Creag na h-Iolaire 16F
9701 Cnoc Breac 16F
6898 Egnaig Hill 18A
6947 Cnoc nan Laraich-cloiche 19A
10905 Cruach Achadh na Craoibhe 19A
6968 Meall Dubh 19C
6986 The Saddle 19C
10751 Corlarach Hill 19C
7045 Mount of Haddoch 21A
4902 Hill of Corrachree 21B
7073 Strone Hill 21B
7074 Barmekin Hill 21B
11773 Hill of Blairfowl 21B
7086 Gossaford 22
11853 Evra Houll 22
11942 Ward of Browland 22
4943 Beinn a' Charnain 24A
4950 Cleit Faoph [Cleit Faof] 24A
12487 Cleitseal a Deas 24A
4961 Trolamul [Trollamul] 24B
7195 Milljoan Hill 27B
13504 Guiltree Hill 27B
13685 Barr Hill 27B
5077 Barskeoch Hill 27C
7262 Ox Hill 27C
7265 Countam 27C
5107 Corstorphine Hill 28A
5132 Rachan Hill 28B
6093 Cairn Gibbs 7A
4164 Meall an t-Slugain 8B
4362 Sgurr na Cloiche 12B
13040 Balgreggie Craigs 26A
7197 Mull of Miljoan 27B
13912 William Law 28A
7353 Tudhope Hill 28B
7370 Rome Hill 28B
7449 Wyndburgh Hill 28B
7480 Philip Law 28B
3561 Hungry Law 33
7 Meall Buidhe replaces 3904 Beinn Leabhain 1A
908 Sgurr a' Choire-rainich replaces 3228 Sgurr a' Ghlas Leathaid 12A
1440 Coraddie [Beinn Bhreac] replaces 1442 Beinn Bhreac 19C
7084 Moss Houl replaces 11906 Sandwater Hill 22
12419 Seabhal replaces 7100 Stromacleit 24A
12971 Stoneyhall Hill* temporarily replaced 7150 Dunearn Hill 26A

* manually scored out on later copies of the update sheet

Changes to the Clems

E D 'Clem' Clements extended Yeaman's criteria to England, Wales and the Isle of Man. Clem's original handwritten list of 1993 comprised 1284 hills. A number of people suggested revisions to the list, including some by Clem in 2004, but a definitive list was never published. Following the approach taken with the Yeamans, only the 14 changes identified by Clem have been accepted into the revised list, which like the Yeamans has "historic" status.

Clem originally called his list Yeamans of England & Wales or Yeomans. After his death they were renamed Clems in recognition of his achievement.

19452 Iolyn Park 30B
5170 Bryn Pydew 30C
7592 Allt Fawr 31A
5226 Burfa Bank 31B
5248 Pen-yr-allt 31C
2256 Fan Llia 32A
5275 Mynydd Dinas 32C
3861 Great How (Thirlmere) 34B
19127 Whitehills 35A
7759 Rock Hill 38A
7769 Crawley Hill [Hetty Pegler's Tump] 39
7812 Watership Down 42
18453 St Martha's Hill 42
7511 Moel Ystradau 30B
3509 Garn Wen 31C
5554 Tair Onnen [Tair Onen (Pantylladron)] 32C
3561 Hungry Law 33
3578 Blotting Raise [Croglin Fell] 35A
3605 Collier Law 35A
16226 Thiefside Hill 35A
3649 Great Links Tor replaces 3650 Amicombe Hill 40

Notes and credits

Thanks are due to Bernie Hughes who checked the lists against the DoBIH and supplied the data tabulated above. When preparing the Yeamans for publication on in 2013, Hughes retained all the hills listed in the original 1989 publication and augmented them with the 2001 additions and replacements. After consultation with Rob Woodall he took the same approach with the Clems by combining the 1993 list with Clem's 2004 additions and replacements. The DoBIH has adopted the same lists. As on haroldstreet, all the hills are identified in the DoBIH as Yeamans or Clems without regard to whether they appear on the original or revised list or both.

Yeaman uses Anglicised versions of some Gaelic hill names, and for some hills a general name that has been superseded by a more precise summit name. These names are not given in the DoBIH unless they were present before the addition of the Yeamans.